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Hong Hao is one of the most famous Chinese contemporary photography artists. Highly independent, Hong Hao does not form part of any school, but experiments with many different aspects of photography and print, including digital and computer-generated imagery. Subjects of Hong Hao’s work are general things and images flooded around us. These daily objects are skillfully deconstructed and then rebuilt to show another slightly uncomfortable, but nevertheless beautiful reality. A cynical sense of humor is laid through all of Hong Hao’s works.

In his most recent series, “My Things”, Hong Hao has scanned images of everyday items from his personal life and arranged them using a computer. There is no traditional photo taken by a camera. The objects are shown life-size and some represent over 20 years accumulation on the part of the artist, while others could have been part of that day’s lunch. Bringing order to what can often feel like the random chaos of China’s ever expanding consumer society, these micro universes invite a moment of intimacy, a glimpse into the life of the artist and self-reflection on the subjectivity on the subjectivity of daily life.


Hong Hao 1

Hong Hao 2



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